Gondwana Link

The Creative Directors and Gondwana Link have worked together to develop a bespoke program to offset emissions associated with Leverage. Gondwana Link is a mega-scale landscape project reviving, restoring and creating a large band of healthy, reconnected bush across south-western Australia, one of the world’s top 25 biodiversity hotspots

Nowanup, 2011 / image © Amanda Keesing

The Gondwana Link Leverage Program focusses on four areas – carbon, habitat, communities and culture. It enables contributions to be directed towards specific projects targeting carbon sequestration, ecological restoration, habitat revival and community capacity.

There are two streams of contributions that will be committed to Gondwana Link through the Leverage conference.

  1. The Creative Directors have contributed the entire $5,000 conference staging budget towards the Gondwana Link Leverage Program, on behalf of invited speakers. This will exceed their combined CO2 flight emissions to attend the conference.
  2. Conference attendees can add a small contribution to their conference ticket, which will be directed towards the Gondwana Link Leverage Program. Attendees may consider this in lieu of using carbon offsets provided as options by airlines when purchasing tickets. The contribution will be 100% directed towards Gondwana Link, and all contributions over $2 are tax-deductible.


Full details of the specific planting areas and program recipients will be presented at the conference and ongoing updates will be available to the program contributors.

About Gondwana Link

South-Western Australia is the biologically richest part of Australia and has an exceptional concentration of endemic species. Unfortunately, it is also undergoing exceptional loss of habitat. Gondwana Link’s goal is to achieve a band of healthy, reconnected bush across this region – from the dry woodlands of the interior to the tall wet forests of the far south-west corner. This is conservation on a whole-of-landscape scale.

Gondwana Link aims to restore strategic connections by increasing the scale and quality of conservation management. Efforts are concentrated on a 1000-kilometre band across South-Western Australia. The focus is on restoring habitat in the gaps of cleared land within this band to remove threats to existing large bushland areas and improve the quality of ecological management.

This is an integrated effort by a broad spectrum of local, regional, national and international groups, private landholders and Indigenous communities, which is now entering its eighteenth year. Gondwana Link maintains network coordination and cohesion between these discreet efforts.

Gondwana Link’s work is firmly based on accepted ecological science, and occurs through three core strategiesecological strategies, social strategies, and supporting Traditional Owners by de-colonising conservation.

Find out more about Gondwana Link on their comprehensive website.

Bill and Jane Thompson in 3 yo planting, Yarraweyah. Photo: Gondwana Link
Eugene and team. Photo: Gondwana Link