Comunal was founded in 2015 in Mexico City by Mariana Ordóñez Grajales. In 2017, Jesica Amescua Carrera joined the team.

Comunal conceives of architecture a collaborative, living, open and constantly evolving social process, which allows residents to express their ideas, needs and aspirations, always recognizing them as the centre of projects and decision making. That is, we visualize the inhabitants as subjects of action, not as objects of intervention.

To understand the multiple ways in which the human habitat manifests, Comunal has turned to the democratic vision of participatory architecture and the social production of habitat. These notions understand that individuals within any social group and cultural context have the capacity to identify their needs, to propose solutions and to make the appropriate decisions for the development of its territory. This integrative and intercultural approach respects all life forms and has led us to dismantle the hegemonic practice of the architect. We have developed roles as facilitators and mediators, who accompany the communities in the defence of their habitat, using as tools the exchange of knowledge, critical reflection and the construction of collective knowledge.

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image: Jake Naughton