Ninotschka Titchkosky

Ninotschka Titchkosky is co-CEO of BVN and Strategic Champion of Digital Innovation and Robotics. She is interested in the future scenarios and possibilities that can emerge through a project that have global currency. She is passionate about the role architects play in shaping our interactions, communities and cities and continually seeks to effect change through projects. Ninotschka is interested in the changing nature of architectural practice and the potential for new ways of engaging in the design and construction process. She is leading BVN’s research into robotics, which explores live site collaborations with the robot using woven carbon fibre systems. Her most recent projects are the rebuilding of the heart of the campus at ANU, Canberra, with six new buildings. Two of these are timber buildings under construction with fully pre-fabricated facades and a new STEM school for 2000 students. Her work has been recognised through numerous awards nationally and internationally, including a RIBA International Award and a World Architecture Award commendation.


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